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Is there anything more alluring and sexy than perfectly winged eyeliner? I think not. It’s been almost two years since I started getting into the whole liquid liner thing and I’m not sure what took me so long. I always thought it just seemed like too much makeup for everyday…more of a night look. Well, that is not true at all. In my opinion a nice winged liner is just as appropriate for daytime as it is for evening. It just depends on how bold you go with it. It’s so iconic and timeless that it  works with pretty much anything.

The prefect pairing is a nice black wing with a subtle nude lip color (maybe even a light, matte, pale pink). It’s so 60’s yet very much a modern, fresh look for today. The best part about a winged liner is that it is flattering on pretty much every eye shape. Instant upgrade to any makeup routine. I did my mom’s makeup a few weeks back and added a very simple, thin winged liner to the look. Finished it off with a nice dewy highlight on her cheeks and a gorgeous matte nude lip. BAM. HOT! She looked amazing. She didn’t want to wash her face that night. That subtle touch to her eyes made a big difference and also made her feel fabulous!

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Now the reality (for me at least) is that I am still trying to perfect the process. Some days I get it right and it’s a glorious day. Other days there are cotton swabs all over the bathroom that I’ve used to try and fix my horrendous mistakes. It does take some practice to figure out what exact shape you want to create with your liner. It’s about what works best for your eye shape. One of the MOST important things about the process is the product you use. It will depend on whether you are more steady with a hard tipped wand or more of a thin brush-style tip. You will figure out what is best for you. Below is a diagram from Eyeko that I think is a great basic tutorial for where to begin. From there you can determine if you like your line a little lower, longer, thinner…whatever. It’s up to you. I’d start here though.

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Below are my favorite black liquid liners and a two nude lipsticks I love to pair with the liner. I hope you give this timeless look a try. You’re going to look gorge!

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