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I am always on the hunt for stylish dog products. Finding well-made, well-designed products can be hard to find, especially dog collars! I’m super picky about the dog collars my babies wear. I don’t want anything too cutesy or precious. Definitely don’t want anything with rhinestones or embellishments. No thanks. I want simple, modern and clean. Good thing Dog + Bone from Austin came along. They are big on designing products with a classic durability that can withstand outdoor activity but still maintain a stylish look. Attention to detail and an honest approach to their brand have already set them apart from others. One of the best parts about Dog + Bone is that their products are made right here in Austin! Talk about that local love!

I caught up with Anne and Ivan, the owners and designers of Dog + Bone to find out a little more about them and their dogs, Flora and Leland!

How long have you been in Austin?

I was actually born and raised here. Rare, I know! Ivan moved down in 1995, so he’s pretty much a local by now.

Have the both of you always had dogs or has adopting dogs been a relatively new thing?

We both had small dogs growing up. When the time was right for us to adopt a dog together we rescued Flora.  She was our first “big” dog at 50 lbs. It wasn’t long after that we realized we needed more dog love. We adopted Leland and fostered several other dogs which was a lot of fun.

You guys are active with your dogs, where are some of your favorite spots to hang out with Flora and Leland?

We love outdoor spots like Emma Long Park, Red Bud Isle, Walnut Creek, and the lesser known Onion Creek Greenbelt. And of course Yard Bar is always great for meeting up with friends and their pups.

You mentioned taking adventures with your dogs, are there some favorite adventures that stand out? 

Last winter we took the pups on a road trip to the Western Slope in Colorado. We went sledding and snowshoeing through the mountains, the dogs had a blast jumping in the snow drifts and chasing after us. Camping out in the tent, they’ve got a natural talent for squeezing between us to secure the warmest spots.

Who is more adventurous Flora or Leland?

Each is adventurous in totally different ways. Flora is a little shy with people but is up for pretty much any adventure and will follow Anne across rivers and up mountains. Leland on the other hand is most excited about meeting new people and going to patio restaurants.

We LOVE that you make your products right here in Austin and support local businesses as well. Any favorite local businesses you’d like our readers to know about?

We’ve found that local pet stores have been really supportive and we would love people to check out our gear at Healthy Pet, Limbo, My Love Fur Paws Pet Care, Phydeaux and Friends, and Prime Pet.

featured image: Nicole Mlakar


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