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This Means Wear _ Summer Hats

Hats have become a true staple in my day to day wardrobe. I rarely leave the house without wearing one. So much so that when I don’t wear one friends will comment as to where my trusty hat is! It is one of the simplest ways to add such effortless style to an outfit. Hats are a year-round must for me but they serve a wonderful purpose specifically in the summer. Most of the time (especially if you’re in Texas during the summer) there is just no way to keep your hair looking nice…it’s just too damn hot. Throwing on a chic little hat is such an easy way to keep things simple while looking great. None of us want those harsh sun rays beaming down on our face anyway so the bigger the brim, the better!

The summer floppy hat is a given. It screams vacation, beach and relaxation. You don’t actually have to be on vacation (or even relaxed for that matter) to rock the floppy hat. It’s perfect with a breezy tank and shorts no matter where you are. Straw hats are another summer hat staple. They are light and airy which is obviously nice when the temps outside are so hot you literally want to cry.  Panama hats and fedoras are a no-brainer. Love them both and probably wear those styles the most.

I love to look through old pictures from Vogue in the 30’s and 40’s and get inspired by the women rocking their hats. So timeless and beautiful. If you haven’t yet go out and find the perfect hat for the rest of the summer. The heat will be for quite a while so you have time! Below are some of my favorite picks.



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