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Frosé has been quite the rage for a while now and with good reason. When the Texas summer heat sets in it’s nearly impossible to enjoy a cocktail that isn’t frozen. We need all the intense cooling off we can get! I’m a lover of the freezing-cold goodness that frosé is and always will be. HOWEVER, there is a new love in my life…meet rosé rosé! *Credit goes to my husband for coming up with that simple yet surprisingly catchy little name.

I had a couple of bottles of rosé in the fridge (NOT a shocker!) and the upcoming weekend was shaping up to be a HOT one. We also had friends coming over for dinner and my plan was to make frosé for the occasion. I filled all my ice trays with rosé and into the freezer they went. When dinner party day rolled around it turned out to be a gloomy, rainy day…not really frosé weather in my opinion. Not to worry though, our dinner party ended up being super cozy. Stormy outside while we were inside enjoying Italian, family-style food with good music and lots of champagne.

The next day it was sunny and hot and I went to the kitchen to pour a glass of wine. Opened the fridge and remembered all my frozen rosé cubes! I wasn’t in the mood to go through the whole process of making frosé. Too much of hassle at the moment to make the simple syrup, blend the cubes, peel lemons etc.. Instead I just popped two frozen cubes into my glass and topped it off with more rosé. The most refreshing, super chilled glass of rosé I’ve ever had. And, there’s no added sugar or lemon needed like there is when making frosé! Who wants to add even MORE sugar? Not me. The best part is that your rosé stays cold. Even as the cubes melt it’s only refilling your glass with more perfectly cold rosé, not watering it down. TRUE LOVE.

Oh…and you don’t have to use the same kind of rosé in your trays to freeze as you use to pour over them. You can mix it up! I like using different ones to create fun blends. You definitely need this in your life this summer. Go try it!


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