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Pale pink is taking over. It’s definitely the “it” color of the fall season. We saw pale pink become really popular as the “new nude” last year and it hasn’t gone anywhere. This past spring it was still in high demand and if you take a look at the runways for fall 2016 it dominates!

The soft, elegant nature of this color is so beautiful in fashion and in home decor. It’s sophisticated and romantic and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. When you think of fall colors in fashion you tend to think of the usuals…browns, reds, plums etc. and those are fine but I much prefer a soft, neutral palette for fall/winter. That whole ridiculous “rule” of no white after labor day (does anyone even follow that anymore?) has always irritated me. White is the most beautiful during the fall/winter, am I right!? Then take your white and pair it with pale pink…DONE AND DONE! This trend is right in line with what I view as the best vibe for fall/winter fashion: soft, stylish and graceful.

I typically like to include both fashion and home decor options for the “Get the Color” roundup part of the post but since it isssss New York Fashion Week right now I thought I’d focus on just fashion for the roundup. Below are some of my favorite pale pink finds. I love them all but if you are looking to get just one thing I’d go for a jacket. There’s something really stylish about a soft, subtle pink jacket or coat. Good luck!



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