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Summer in Austin is being very kind to us this August. Whereas we would typically be clutching onto our freezers at home for some relief from the scorching outside temps, these August days are pretty mild. That of course has led to some early (YES!) preparations for fall. It can’t be stopped at this point. We are already pulling out our boots and I kid you not there are some Austinites running around in sweatshirts. Can you blame us? We aren’t used to anything under 100 degrees right now. Below average temps and some unseasonably breezy weather…well, we just don’t quite know what to do with ourselves. The best part is that we are getting back in the mood to start styling our hair again. It’s not so humid and we aren’t drenched in sweat on the daily so our hair will actually hold some style! Hallelujah!

It’s no secret that I prefer a feminine and edgy look over a buttoned up and polished one. I love the whole “I didn’t try too hard” vibe.  Makes perfect sense that the hairstyle I’m still loving is the modern, messy, waves look. The messier the better. The messier the sexier.

Lindsay Marchella

There is an art to this technique and to be honest it’s taken me a while to perfect it. The magic is in the small but very important detail of keeping the ends of your hair straight! Here are the steps for getting those gorgeous modern waves.

  1. Blow dry hair as you normally do.
  2. Spray your hair with a heat protectant
  3. Section hair off and start curling the bottom section first with a  1 inch curling wand. Curl away from your face. Wrap your hair around the wand but keep the ends out. Keep wand vertical. Do not curl the ends.
  4. Spray each piece you finished curling with a light hair spray
  5. Continue curling all sections (away from your face)
  6. Even though I keep my ends out I still run a straightener through the ends when I’m done curling. I want the ends to be very straight in contrast to the curls.
  7. Take your fingers and run them through the curls. You want to loosen them. Do not use a brush. You can flip your head over to loosen them even more and add volume.
  8. Finish with a texturing spray.

This look is still going strong in my book. It’s feminine, sexy and modern. The trend right now is a shorter hair style with these same modern, messy curls and it looks great. You can do this with many different hair lengths. Below are some of my favorite products to use for this style. The Oribe texturizing spray makes a huge difference for achieving this look. It’s AMAZING! If you walk way with anything from this post take two things: 1) Keep the ends of your hair straight! 2) Go get the Oribe texturizing spray.


image sources: richesforrags, Lindsay Marchella, Whole Lotta Hot 


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