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Oh how I LOVE October! The pumpkins, the decor…Practical Magic on repeat! I’m also an October baby which probably has a lot to do with my love for Halloween. For the last 7 years my husband and I have gone all out. We turn our home into a bit of a haunted house. It’s a lot of work but the payoff on Halloween night is so fun. The kids have so much fun working up the courage to walk up to our house. Some have walked away in tears. Yep…tears. It’s Halloween, people! Not to worry though, I don’t like all the bloody, gory stuff. I like witches, potions, skeletons and good ol’ fashioned spooky stuff.

I also feel very strongly about Halloween costumes. I dress up every year. Every. Single. Year. I like them to be slightly scary or at least have a creepy backstory. Add some witchy, goblin-y spice to them please!

However, I think this year we might scale it back a bit. My husband has requested a little break from the whole haunted house thing. It takes A LOT of work and we’re not sure we are up to the full task this year. Maybe this year instead of our haunted house we will have a small party or attend some of the ones we always miss. But don’t even think for one second that I’m not decorating because I AM!  I’m just taking the minimal route. Less is more this year. Simple and spooky is the winning combo.

I want orange pumpkins all along our front entrance and on the back deck. Black lanterns lit each night. A modern, minimal halloween wreath (I love me some wreaths!) and maybe a witch’s broom by the front door too. Top that off with a few candelabras on the dining table and a nice cocktail and we are good to go!


I don’t know if we are having people over on Halloween yet but if we do you better bet your candy corn that I’m going to fill our house with a ton of these balloons. How cute is this?!  A clear helium balloon, black tulle and black ribbon! YES! YES! I found the idea here.

If you are doing a minimal Halloween theme this year check out some of the finds below that work perfectly for that. The wreath in particular is one you can use during the entire holiday season. I’ll be doing a post about that soon. Have fun!


collage iamges: here / here / here / here /here 


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