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There is no question that I love a good leopard print. I do. You’ll find hints of leopard in almost every room of our home. I’m one of those people who truly believe that leopard is a neutral…no question.

However, there are some incredibly tacky “leopard” prints out there and when those are used…game over. It’s BAD. Real bad. Leopard print is sexy and classic and when used correctly it can be beautifully sophisticated.

It’s hard to describe what (in my opinion) makes a bad vs. good leopard print. It comes down to the balance of colors. The mix of light and dark and the attention to detail within the pattern. Cheetah print often gets mistaken for leopard. They are different. Cheetah print is more or less black spots on a tan/caramel colored background. Cheetah print is my least favorite pattern for design (and fashion).

Leopard spots are more like florets of black. It makes a difference. Then there are jaguar spots that also get confused for leopard spots (I do it all the time) but they too are different. Jaguar spots are even more detailed. Hands down the jaguar spots are the most beautiful…in terms of fabric and prints.

There’s no question that the actual cheetah, leopard and jaguar are all stunning animals. I could stare at pics of them all day. It’s no wonder their natural patterns have been so stylish for so long. Take a look below to see the difference between the three. Left > Right: cheetah, leopard, jaguar.

collage images: here / here / here 


So we’ve established that leopard (jaguar too!) print is incredible. Now, let’s talk about when you pair it with other patterns and prints. No, it’s not already too busy on its own! Remember…it’s a neutral!

It pairs beautifully with pretty much any pattern you put next to it. BUUUUT, when you pair it with black and white it’s on another level. Bold. Modern. Classic. It’s everything. Then you take it up a notch when you add in floral patterns. Seems like a dizzying combo but it balances out so well. I have played with many versions of leopard + black and white + floral and it works every time.

Below are some examples so you can see different looks of the combination and how they all work. I used the same leopard/jaguar print because it’s my favorite and I think it’s the only one you should use

images: here / here /unknown 






If you have been wanting to spruce up your space and add some real interest, try this combo. You can do it on a smaller scale or larger one…they both work. Here’s a little roundup of some pieces I love that play into this look.

some-favorite-pieces 1. floral pillow   2. black and white pillow  3. these fine walls  4. Black Rooster Decor  5. katie kime 

featured image: here 


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