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Vibes and Tries July 15


Helloooo Friday! Yesterday felt a little like Friday because I was out and about all day long with our new puppy, Sophie. She is the sweetest little rottweiler in the world and loves to meet new people. Our first stop was Hillside Farmacy. I can’t say enough about this place, I’ve been so many times but each time I go I love it even more. The staff is nice and attentive (kind of hard to find in Austin lately as the restaurant scene keeps booming). The food is solid. Don’t skip the fries and aioli. Ever. Sophie wanted me to order the margarita since we were outside and it sounded pretty refreshing. What Sophie wants, Sophie gets. I ordered it.  WILDCARD! This margarita shocked me with how on point it was. It immediately shot up to the top of my margarita list which got me thinking…I should do a ‘rita round-up. Not all margaritas are created equal and the minute they get too sweet it’s over. There are only a few in town that really get it right. So, this weekend I’ll be on somewhat of a margarita tour to help round things out for…you. I already know the top 5 I have in mind but it won’t hurt to make extra sure by trying them all again. You are so welcome! Sophie is most likely going to go with me (and the hubs!) because she’s totally a gal about town now. 

I’m also going to make time to do some shopping for new makeup and makeup brushes. I’m not feeling my products right now. It’s time for a refresher. Every now and then you just have to do an “out with old, in with the new” regarding makeup. Things can get to feeling boring and predictable. I want to try the Diorskin Star , new brushes and lip colors from Nars. Not quite sure which ones yet though. Pretty sure I’ll be doing all of this in the freaking FABULOUS vintage leopard maxi dress I scored from Garment Modern + Vintage in Austin. Its’ beyond. If you haven’t been to Garment Modern yet definitely go. There are some crazy good finds in there. 

Wish me luck on my margarita research and have a great weekend! 



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  • Hi Carly! First of all congrats on blog! Love it, you’re style is so graceful and fun! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you all…I think we were all in 80s attire :). What a great night that was! OmG , that was almost 7 years ago. We have some catching up to do. Also, I wanted to share a make-up line I know u will love. Motives. You can checkout product on:
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    Thought I’d share some great products:)…and of course tell JU hello!

    Hugs, Silvia Vasquez

    • Carly Uson says:

      Hi Silvia!

      Thanks for reaching out. It’s so good to hear from you. I hope you guys are doing great. Thank you for your kind words on the blog. It’s a really fun thing for me to do. I love it! I will definitely check out the makeup line and your website. Love great makeup! Tell everyone we said hello and hopefully we’ll see you soon.


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