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I’m so excited to introduce you to Elisa Gomez! I have been obsessed with her artwork since I first saw a piece of hers featured in Lonny magazine in 2014. The feature was a tour of designer, Elizabeth Mollen’s beautiful home. I saw this insane piece hanging in her dining room and fell madly in love with it. Of course I went straight to instagram to find out more about who this artist was! You know how sometimes you form friendships with people on instagram that you have never met in person? Well that is exactly what happened with me and Elisa. She knew from the get-go that I was a superfan. A SUPER superfan. Each time I’d pass an instagram post of hers I was reminded of how badly I wanted a piece for the house. Specifically, the featured Lonny magazine piece.

Well, the universe decided to hook me up. Big time. Two years from our first “insta-meeting” Elisa emailed me to let me know that she was about to make a move to the west coast. Before closing out her Austin based studio she wanted to let superfans like me know about some pieces she had for sale. Well wouldn’t you know it…the original piece that I’d had my eyes on for 2 years was still available. I honestly didn’t know that it was. I thought it was taken a while back. It was fate. That piece belonged to me. It wanted to be mine! My husband LOVES it too so win-win! Decision made! Finally got to meet Elisa in person and hang one of her masterpieces in our home. Such a wonderful day. Art is such a special way to make your home unique to your taste and style. It can be an investment but it’s so worth it. You definitely need to check out Elisa’s site to see all her stunning work. You just might find that perfect piece for your home.

I also got a chance to ask her some questions about her art, her love for Austin, her new journey and more. Check it out below!

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When did you move to Austin and how long have you lived here? I moved to Austin October of 2011- almost five years ago!

What brought you to ATX?
I had just graduated from the University of Utah’s Art department and was looking for a more creative and adventurous city, to try and be an artist in- I was also on the search for a warmer climate again- I had lived in AZ before going back to Utah to finish school and was missing the long sunny days. I knew some people in Austin and Houston and decided it was time to make a move.

Since the boom in Austin how have you seen the art scene change?
Austin is extremely supportive of its local makers, and I don’t think that will ever change, which is so amazing. The city is getting more daring and thinking outside the box as far as almost anything goes- the art, the food, the community is becoming more diverse as people move here and its’ making for some really fun and explosive changes. The city has taken a bigger initiative over the past few years to really expand art in public places which a really exciting way for artists to display their work.

What do you look to the most for inspiration?
I look most to colors and compositions I find in nature and the outdoors- subtle colors in the sunset, rich greens on the trails, wild flowers in the hall country- and then there is music. Music is a huge part of why I create and what I use throughout my process- I couldn’t paint without the inspiration I get from music.


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You are continuing your journey and road-tripping it out to northern California for a permanent move and much anticipated art show in San Fran. Can you tell us about the unique way you are creating art for that show?

I’ll be van-venturing around the West Coat- NM, CO, MT, ID, UT, NV, CA- hopefully in that order- I plan to camp around the big parks and really find remote places to connect with the wild outdoors. I’m bringing my canvas, a sketchbook and camera and will be panting my way across all of those adventures, capturing the whole trip through each inspirational color in my sketchbook to videos of running rivers and photos of giant trees- putting it all on canvas- I’m anticipating three to four large pieces I’ll do through the next few months and will display the whole process including the sketchbook and paintings at the Midway Gallery Project in San Fran Sep 10th!

What will you miss most about Austin?
The people I love so very much

What food will you miss most in Austin?
East Side King, or a good sandwich from ABGB

Art is an investment and sometimes it can be hard to zero in on a piece and make a decision. Any advice for those looking for that perfect piece, large or small to welcome into their lives?

Yes! Don’t worry about what you THINK you’re supposed to like, or what will match your pillows, but what hits you when you see it, for any reason. Find something perhaps in a book of other well known artists as a starting point on the style you tend to lean towards, get in touch with an art consultant who can show you other artist who work similarly and then wait til you see that piece you can’t live without. It can take time, and it can get overwhelming looking at so many images, but as an investment you want to get the right one. Don’t’ be afraid to ask questions, request more information and get in touch with the artist if you can. I feel that people are much happier about their purchase when I get to meet them in person- the connection to the work is that much stronger.

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images via Jake Gasaway


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