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IngredientsThe chicken curry burger. Probably one of my top 5 things to make. It’s delicious, easy prep and tastes like there is way more going on than there actually is.  I don’t eat beef or pork so chicken and seafood are my go-tos. There is so much you can do with chicken to make it more fun so I play with different spices a lot. Curry is top of the list for me. I LOVE curry!  Once fall rolls in I have an insanely amaaaaazing curry soup recipe to share with you that will knock your lace up flats right off (you’re still wearing those, right!?). 


This summer, like most of you, we’ve been doing a lot of grilling. We love to end the day chillin’ on our deck with the music playing, our dogs splashin’ around in their kiddie pool, large glass of wine in hand and dinner on the grill. My husband is more of a beef burger kind of guy but I’ve lured him into the world of chicken burgers and he has not been disappointed! The star of this show is obviously the curry powder (I use a ton!) but ginger has a pretty bomb supporting roll. Don’t skip the fresh ginger. 

Open Faced _ Curry Burger

Total transparency here. Sometimes I skip the bun. When I am trying to limit carbs I just cut out the damn bun. It’s not fun to miss out on the joy of bread but in all honesty the chicken burger on its own is still so DELICIOUS! One of the reasons I make this burger so much is because it is so flavorful and filling. You don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything even without the bun. When I make just the burger (I still keep all the toppings on) I have it alongside a nice medium sized salad and it’s perfect. However, when you add in the brioche bun, it is next level. In order to make this post true and authentic I needed to make the burger again and enjoy it full-on. Bun and everything. It was heaven.

Ok, recipe is below. You’re going to love this. Give it a try and have it with the bun. You deserve it. 


curry burger




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