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black and white _ Color Crush

I never say never unless I’m talking about my love for black and white and how I will never get tired of it because…hello! The striking contrast between dark meets light is pure perfection. Whether it’s fashion or home decor this color combo works both as timeless and ultra modern. I’d say in the last three years I’ve been slowly working on punching up the black and white vibe in our home. It will never go out of style. There is a balance to working with it in the home though, you don’t want to go all Beetlejuice with it but when done right it makes everything feel clean and classic. Same goes for fashion in my opinion. I typically live in a white tee and either a black or white blazer paired with my adidas (when it’s not a scorching heat explosion outside!). To me, it is the perfect combo: easy and pulled together. Although it’s always been a popular pairing, black and white has had a definite resurgence in the last few years. Interior designers, bloggers, fashion designers…almost everyone is inspired and loving the boldness more than ever. It’s the prefect time to add some B + W to your life if you haven’t yet. There are endless places to score some amazing finds but here are some of my favorite ones that you can get right now!

P.S. See the rug below in the gallery? Yep, I just bought one! You should too : )

featured image: Vogue Australia 


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