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This is the plan _4th of july

I am so ready for the long holiday weekend! The 4th falls on Monday which is great because I love Mondays that already have some fun built into them. Makes for a great week to follow. This year I’m in the mood to switch it up. I’ve been wanting to take a little vacay to New England for a while now so I thought it would be fun to do the whole summer lobster roll thing. Lobster rolls are always on my mind. They are delicious, elegant and incredibly festive. My husband grills the BEST lobster tails so not to worry, our grill will still get its due use on the 4th. The whole set up will be simple and beautiful. I want the setting to feel minimal and modern but with a little hint of festive fun, not theme-y. I think red and white checkered napkins or even a tablecloth  can take care of that best. Maybe a simple centerpiece of eucalyptus for some detail.  Clean and simple. The lobster, gorgeous grilled corn (amazing recipe from Love and Lemons here!) and flowing glasses of frozen rosé will all be beautiful enough to take center stage. 

Ok, let’s talk about frozen rosé…frosé. You might have noticed it’s popping up everywhere right now. Raise your hand if that makes total sense to you and you’d like a glass of it in your hand 24/7?  My hand is obnoxiously raised. I live in Austin. It is unbearably hot here. Frozen everything please! There’s just no other way. I’ll be using this recipe to make insane amounts of this deliciousness. I don’t like to fuss too much over summer events but obviously want them to look and feel good! I’m going to stay with my summer theme of keeping it simple. I have frosé to drink, people. Priorities. Have a lovely holiday weekend! 

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Roy Moore Lobster Company by Joann Vitali 


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